Lenovo T520 I5 -2520M @2.5/12 GB/ 480 GB SSD / Webcam/ Win 10/MAKE ME AN OFFER


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Welcome to Only Laptop...Lenovo T520 I5 -2520M @2.5/12 GB/ 480 GB SSD / Webcam/ Win 10/MAKE ME AN OFFER- EXCELLENT WORKING- BUILT-IN WIFI & WEBCAM- FREE SHIPPING WITH BUY NOW.Thank you for viewing our online StoreLenovo T520 I5 -2520M @2.5/12 GB/ 480 GB SSD / Webcam/ Win 10/"Bottom line, the...

Welcome to Only Laptop...

Lenovo T520 I5 -2520M @2.5/12 GB/ 480 GB SSD / Webcam/ Win 10/



Thank you for viewing our online Store
Lenovo T520 I5 -2520M @2.5/12 GB/ 480 GB SSD / Webcam/ Win 10/

"Bottom line, the ThinkPad T520 is an excellent choice for business, home, and student use."

Lenovo T520, a great laptop for students and gamers aike

CPU: Inte lI5 -2520M @2.50
RAM: 12 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600,
14.0-inch HD (1600x900 pixels) LED backlight Anti-Glare Display
[This laptop has the highest resolution screen available in this model]

Hard disk : 480 GB SSD
Webcam YES
Windows 10 pro installed and activated

Carrybag supplied free with Buy Now.

Optional new battery $58
Optional 12 months hardware warranty $27

Note: These are A Grade laptops, great for a student etc.

We have over 20 years of experience, focused on the sale of mainly refurbished enterprise grade computer hardware. We have a depth of knowledge and experience on a massive range of equipment, we go back to 486 PCs and Green Screen computer systems yet also supply cloud systems.

90 day hardware warranty, which can be extended to 12 month on request [excludes battery]

*Ref: OL-3012

*Outside condition: In good physical condition with minor wear and tear marks from previous use otherwise in excellent working condition

*Test Level: Used items but Good working and Refurbished
*Photo: Picture was taken from the product/as a sample
*Pickup: Available on Request by Appointment.
*Warranty: 30 Days RTB Warranty. 6 Months /1 Year EXTENDED WARRANTY ADD EXTRA COST.

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