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ONLYLAPTOP is New Zealand registered LTD company. The company is owned and managed by Pradip Dutta, a Business Guru with a master degree in electrical engineering and software development. He is a certified electronics technician with various brand companies. Under his management and consultancy, many companies have been running and growing in New Zealand.

ONLYLAPTOP is our new E-COMMERCE business located in Northshore, Auckland. The company target online consumers by providing the wide range of laptops with affordable price on trusted E-commerce platforms: Trademe, Shopify, Ebay and Facebook. Also, ONLYLAPTOP specializes in the repair and sales of laptop components, computer parts such as: LCD screen, server motherboard, PC cases, RAM sick, battery, power supply and so on. For this segment, we target people who place great importance in their entertainment equipment and own higher-end electronics, where repairing them would be more cost effective than replacing them.

We aim to open 10 store centre across New Zealand within one year. Given the above said, ONLYLAPTOP would like to focus on developing the below services:

IT equipment sales & service

IT solution

IT support and repair

Software/Hardware training



  • 100% customer satisfaction: repeat customers and customer’s referrals are valuable
  • High-quality work
  • Good management system: stock management system, API connection, order management.
  • Knowledgeable technicians that are friendly, customer oriented, and will take the time to explain to customers the intricate nature of our business and our work.
  • Maintaining a highly aggressive managerial oversight on costs to provide our services at the lowest price.
  • Dedicated and professional teams including technician, sales support and warehouse assistant for each store.
  • Facilities: attention to professional appearance at all time (nicely designed stores, tidy and neat warehouse, quality products, decent lights, camera IP to monitor store performance)


  • Become a million-value laptop store chain across New Zealand and to off-shore as well.
  • Achieve steady growth in sales revenue and acquire 20% of local market share in IT recycle industry.
  • Expand product line to include authorized repair service and electronics sales.
  • To use this business as a successful model for future project
  • Offer IT solutions regarding to stock and order management system to other NZ E-commerce stores.


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