ONLYLAPTOP is dedicated to immersive and inspirational learning experiences for busy people. We believe courseware should keep pace with changes in workplaces and technology. So we have written our very own training course to provide the best practice in modern learner engagement. We are now continually improves based on feedbacks from both trainers and participants.

Firstly, ONLAPTOP would like to provide freshly graduates with unique opportunity to achieve professional work experience in E-commerce industry and others as well. We design the internship program for those who want to bridge the gap between study and work.

Secondly, training program or internship program is the valuable opportunity to help people in seeking credit from a notable company in their field of interest including: Business, Technician, E-commerce, Software management and so on. Our vision is to share with everyone our precious knowledge and skills so people can success in their life.

E-commerce Internship

4000NZD / 6months commitment

  • Software management system
  • Automated and manual operation skills
  • Digital marketing techniques
  • Website development and content creation
  • Project management skills
  • Analytics skills

After training course, the interns/participants will receive Reference Credit,
Job Recommendation and many other benefits. The internship program is
available at any time of the year with term and condition applied.

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