Other Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Computer Repair

Other Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY Computer Repair

  • Shiva Jogi

Get the best of the rest in computer repair here.

  1. How to Use Your Computer to Fix Your Car
    What good is a running computer if you can’t get anywhere? Scotty Kilmer is a mechanic with 40 years of experience and shows how to use your computer to fix your own car. He also has many other related videos here.
  2. How to Start a Computer Repair Business
    If you’ve learned plenty in the above, stop here. This expert fixer of computers shares how to start your own computer repair business. His main site has more.
  3. Can Stores That Sell Computers Also Fix Them? 
    Thinking of getting someone else to fix your computer? Then check out this investi
  4. How to Fix a Broken Keyboard
    If your keyboard is functioning perfectly except for one key, stop here. The site helps give you replacement parts so that new equipment doesn’t have to be purchased. This particular video is for a Dell keyboard.

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