Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY PC Computer Repair

Must-See YouTube Videos for DIY PC Computer Repair

  • Shiva Jogi

Learn how to fix your PC without opening anything in these videos.

How to Repair the Blue Screen
If your computer isn’t working right, the blue or blank screen can be the bane of your problems. Over one million people have watched this video to see how to avoid it and how to get to Safe Mode. The user also has other similar videos.
Make Your Computer Run Like New
There’s a reason over 500,000 people have watched this video. It can show you how to turn any old computer into one that runs just like you. They even provide a link to the item.

How to Fix Your Computer Without Downloads
If you already have AVG downloaded to your computer, you don’t have to do anything to try and fix it. This simple, ten minute video shows you how to use it to fix your computer using the free software.

Computer Startup Problems Fixed
If starting up your computer is the issue, click here. This user shows how to repair a computer that doesn’t start correctly. It is for Windows XP but can be applied to the others.

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